Memories are always accumulating slowly..

For you, I spent half a year’s savings
To sail across the ocean to see you
For this meeting, I even have to repeatedly practice my breathing
I’ve never been able to express a fraction of my innumerable affection in words
For this regret, I ponder endlessly in the night, unwilling to fall asleep.
Memories are always accumulating slowly, I’m unable to erase them from my heart
For your promise, in the most desperate and hopeless moment
I endured all and refused to cry
Unfamiliar city
In a familiar corner
We have comforted each other before, and have embraced and sighed together before
Without regard for what the outcome will be for us.
In a sandstorm filled sky, I looked at you as you depart to a place far away
I was actually too sad to maintain my self decorum
How I wish I could see the love off for thousands of miles till the end of the world
To forever be mutually dependent on each other.

Thanks ❤❤❤

An ever unchanging love

Wait a millennium for a return
Who was it, who whisper in my ear about an ever unchanging love?
Just for that one sentence
I would not bemoan even if I become heartbroken
The rain is crying, the wind is heartbroken with lingering dreams of a love faraway..

Would you like to wait for an unchanging love?

Your opinion 📩 on this 👆??

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Use silence to bury the past..

Please allow me to settle down
Use silence to bury the past
With a body that braved so many storms, I came up from the sea
Before living in seclusion here in this desert
Things that should be kept secret are always so vivid
Despite many things to be said, I can only keep silent
Love is a superstition that dependent on the right circumstances
How come despite exerting all my energy
I was only able to get a half-life time worth of memories in exchange
If not because I redeemed my feelings
Meeting in a sea of people among thousands of mountains and rivers.

Is love a superstation??

Drop your comment.

Thank you ❤❤

Deep love won’t hide

I start to dance nimble and gracefully
For what my beautiful face is frowned?
Without him, I’ll drift with the current.
Without me, he will be lonely in the universe.
My heart silently waits at the cliff of firmament
The heaven, the earth, the sun, and the moon are all in my bosom
How can I own the top freedom in this world?
There’s no fear from my heart
Deep love won’t hide
True love won’t run short
Dreams give hopes through all the ages
Why go through storms and stress to be bright and beautiful
There’s no struggle from my heart
Swaying along with the wind
I can do anything freely
I enter my dreams easily and unrestrainedly

How can we own the top freedom in this world?

Comment 📩 your thoughts..

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You are my good time

Even though you pretend to be dashing,
Even though you act like a immature child.
Only you can possibly tease me, and cause me to smile.
You make my heart melt like spun sugar candy
Even though you may smile like a fool,
Even though your moods are fickle,
Only I can get you to live more capably and understand your humorous small talk.
The moon light shines outside the bedroom, as I nestled against your shoulder.
Raising my head gazing, expectantly towards the Pearl-like moon
I lower my head to submit to you.
In the moonlights bright rays…my heart beats widely.
This is a good time for perfect happiness as a heavenly couple, as a pair on earth.
The weaver girl and the cowherd will never forget each other.
Paradise once again beautifully found within your heart
The breadth of the Milky way cannot surpass that of your chest.
Embracing you closely blinds you into my future, no matter what you say, I will never replace you..
You are my good time…

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What friends do?

My late night status has instantly been deleted again
I don’t want to make you worry anymore
Let’s go somewhere, or watch a movie, like what friends do.
So I can give you the most meaningful embrace.
If we learn to be friends, we would be more relaxed.
We don’t have to endure the ache of love.
I need to accept this love will not reach to maturity.
Learn to be friends, bestfriend.
Not broken, not apart

What friends do?

Comment 📩 your experiences

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Who to listen to?

Pressed the alarm clock!
Every morning have the same routine
Unending dreams.
Dreams are at war with reality
Who to listen to?
Just ask the one deep within your heart
Thousands of attempts to fly.
Flap your wings and wait for the wind.
Lead me! let me be on my own.
Dreams are currently flowing free with the wind
There will be sadness! there will be happiness
Good and bad will naturally divide.

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