Our story won’t end

An alluring Joy, I always casually tell my wishes
And give you looks that a thousand words wouldn’t be able to describe
In this Chaotic world, there will always be people who are busy looking for treasure
But they mistake the blazing sun for it
And miss out on the manifestations of life.
On the long bridge of this Chaotic city
There’s sea of people and cars going on their way in that crowdy road
Your smile is like a ray of joy that suddenly light me up
Bikes ring on the green way
So, this is what love look like..
I want to travel to all four corners (of the earth) with you to enjoy the joy in all kinds of chaos..
I want to spend the remaining chapter of life with you
Sharing the joyfulness and tears with you freely no matter what the circumstances
Our story won’t end

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(So, this is what LOVE look like)


What if??

If the world did not have you, if answers had no questions,
If there were eyes, but no scenery?
If fate had really and truly not arranged and planned for us to meet,
Then perhaps our palms lines of divination would not permit our roads to meet.
A heartfelt gathering of just the two of us, in a vast sky full of stars.
A love no mortal can comprehend, a mystery only known to heaven.
Always beneath the surface, clearly fated emotions are in orbit.
The big dipper has turned and the stars have moved because of you.
This fate is calculated then to the ultimate degree.
This love is destined to be.
Every frown and smile, every word and action are in a dream.
All of them sad and happy, intoxicated and sober, growing and multiplying without end.
Beautiful and incomparable.

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Time will never lie about our yesterdays

In the blink of an eye, how many green leaves have turned golden yellow?
Which seasons is more unforgettable?
In retrospection that constantly flickers and constantly loops
Like a swing my thoughts sway back and forth
Whose sadness did the wind raise?
Whose eyes did the rain fall upon?
Whose expections did the blooms heighten?
Though my heart is bleak, happiness also grows within it.
All this year’s time will never lie.
The elapsed youth is stored in my memory.
Even if love will become old,
It is Still worth treasuring.
No matter how far I will tread, I will always keep it close.
Time will never lie about whatever we missed.
The passing years are like water that converges into an ocean.
In your sudden recollection, I hope you still remember our yesterdays.

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Life comes and goes

Unwilling to take part in something improper, how could I predict things would turn out against my wishes?
The flower in the centre of my heart as withered, time cannot turn itself back
My memories are whirling and twirling, the pain is only in the depths of my heart.
My only wish to live without regrets, and fly far away with the flowers fragrance.
A bottle of wine, a body covered in dust and ashes
Memories go back and forth, a life without regrets
From spring to autumn, life comes and goes. Is it right to be vain?
I’m waiting for the flowers to return and bloom again, intoxicating me
Sincerely hoping that my lifespan no longer withering away.
In my memories life comes and goes, I realise clearly in my heart

Is it right to be vain?

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Brokenly Healing

Searching in the midst of trouble time
With a smile but it is by no means easy.
Wholeheartedly practicing to be a great to everyone
Helping the world but whose name to leave behind
Sunset and dust , living upto heavens will.
Calmly disappearing into the wind
If disasters are heavens will, it’s like going through a few games
There’s no need to care about life and death
There’s no sign of you in the crowd of people
The lover’s yearning will be passed on forever
Resentment in the troubled times cannot be resolved
Love cannot be saved
The star remains on the clouds at that end
Lost outside the chaos
If I’m unable to repay the debt of your love this life
I will repay with my life in the next life.


Make a promise that’s unfailing and unchanging?

Past viewpoints can easily cause you to be stuck in a rut, and that’s shallow
Inherent prejudice emerges to baffle and deter you from having new viewpoints
Suddenly, it dawns on us that we have gradually drifted further from our initial promise
Do you still remember that young and unversed windchaser youth?
How much courage will be needed to confront that moment of transformation?
How many eyes will be anticipating the next miracle to appear?
The world turns for you because you are willing to take risks
Everything extraordinary is predestined
To coexist along with you the way as you bravely forge ahead
Let time take care of everything and your brilliance will emerge in time
With courage and persistence, make a promise that’s unfailing and unchanging..


Missing someone is a feeling that messes up my heartbeats.
You leaving me without saying a word even if it’s for my well-being.
The drifting distance between us , our diverging horizon turns out yearnings are better than meeting. My heart silently waits at the cliff of firements. Things end but memories remain unforgettable.
No matter how far I will tread, I will always keep it close.
Even though we are facing this moment of farewell now this goodbye isn’t forever and the dazzling moments I experienced that was a tremendous source of comfort and warmth you were to me.
I hope this won’t be too sad for you because it doesn’t mean our love is over. Even if there’s comes a moments where the longing is unbearable please get through it.
I hope my absence can be filled with laughter and happiness rather than anger and resentment and I hope you can replace the anger and Fury in you with peace and happiness.
Time will make wrinkles more beautiful