You are ever changing, like the sea of clouds in the sky.

Can’t find the pathway to admire.

Can’t set off, can’t be loved.

And I’m a roaming boat in the vast ocean.

Found your azure in the deepest ocean

There’s a voice calling far away.

I will follow you through the night

To arrive at love’s horizon.

Break through all the obstructions, i will survive.

Guard me in the dark, be my light.

Love will meet at the horizon.

The benevolent God.

Can you see us shine.

See us shine.

If Paris downcast, then come back to my side..

© Meeradaesil
What do you think is the most important factor of keeping love alive in a relationship?



What’s happening, my heart is secretly beating rapidly and shaking.

Look at the sky, the clouds are like pink cotton candy

I seem to always subconsciously look around

Turns out that someone’s smile has been imprinted in my heart

Standing beside you, I’m a bit bashful at my breathlessness

Always with strange and eccentric imagination that run wild

I can’t sleep, i toss and turn wondering what number of sheep I’m on

How come your face appears

On cloudy and rainy days,i would grow a sun and hang it on the sky for you

Even if there’s adverse weather, being able to see you is like seeing sunshine

My heart flustered, how come all the things in the world resemble you?

My heart full of clockwork, springs that become excited at your smile

I want to see you smile😊😊😊

© Meeradaesil

Happy valentines day

Your sort quotes for valentine?



A long time..
I have been waiting for a long time
All because you look back the first time
Maple leafs are falling all because of your excuse
I have gently asked you
I have deeply kissed you
There was no more later
May be you will recall
May be you will forget
There was once
When love stayed around
Maple leafs are slowly falling down..
© Meeradaesil

So, can you tell, what’s the meaning of this poem..?/ What did you understood?




In this elaborately written letter,
All the words of love are filled with you
The flowers within ten miles blossom elegantly for you.
I perform the zither, as if you’re standing behind me.
The rain falls while I foolishly wait for you
Use this deep, shallow, near and far distances to add a touch of poetry to our regrets and entanglements.
This bitter, sweet, dreams-like, and fantasy-like, origin of our intertwined fates.
Use this lifetime, this moment of encounter to trade for me just one short instant when you can be with me.
This words, sentence, sentiment, and intension contains hope
That you and I can listen to the rain as we stand under the cave..

How’s it 👆?



Across the hilltop with the sun above me,
I like the moment when sweet rolls down my cheeks
You are behind me alot, yet saying you will win,
I couldn’t help, but say you met the wrong opponent again.
Watching at the clouds piece together one by one, the image that we want.
You play the guitar while i sing,
Even the birds on the trees are harmonizing with us.
The small people in the big Milky way
Using the speed of light to connect our happiness
These smiling tears are made of happiness
I remember everytime you teased me
When my mouth pouts, you hide by my side.
© Meeradaesil



My heart beats too fast.
This has never happened
But when you saw me
It was during the peak of spring
My whole heart is soaring
I am just standing behind you
Hoping you would hold my hand
Yet I don’t dare to say it
Hiding in silence
My feelings are written on the paper
Every sentence is all about you
I hope someone can pass the message
I wish to bring you on a journey
Lying on the sand watching the stars
But now I just want you to notice me
Disintegrating my heart
© Meeradaesil



Without realizing it, I feel in love with him.
How do I express it?
Where’s my courage gone?
All these people in the way
Can’t stop me from loving you
Forget those romantic words
I just want to melt away the ice around you
Let’s just keep going like this
For all the winters and Summers in my life.

How do you express your love?