You are my good time

Even though you pretend to be dashing,
Even though you act like a immature child.
Only you can possibly tease me, and cause me to smile.
You make my heart melt like spun sugar candy
Even though you may smile like a fool,
Even though your moods are fickle,
Only I can get you to live more capably and understand your humorous small talk.
The moon light shines outside the bedroom, as I nestled against your shoulder.
Raising my head gazing, expectantly towards the Pearl-like moon
I lower my head to submit to you.
In the moonlights bright rays…my heart beats widely.
This is a good time for perfect happiness as a heavenly couple, as a pair on earth.
The weaver girl and the cowherd will never forget each other.
Paradise once again beautifully found within your heart
The breadth of the Milky way cannot surpass that of your chest.
Embracing you closely blinds you into my future, no matter what you say, I will never replace you..
You are my good time…

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Author: Meera Daesil

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