What friends do?

My late night status has instantly been deleted again
I don’t want to make you worry anymore
Let’s go somewhere, or watch a movie, like what friends do.
So I can give you the most meaningful embrace.
If we learn to be friends, we would be more relaxed.
We don’t have to endure the ache of love.
I need to accept this love will not reach to maturity.
Learn to be friends, bestfriend.
Not broken, not apart

What friends do?

Comment 📩 your experiences

Thanks ❤❤❤

Author: Meera Daesil


15 thoughts on “What friends do?”

  1. Friends are a foundation that supports our ascent into the unknown. They hold us up when we are falling. The embrace the heights we strive to achieve. It’s reciprocal, it’s relational. Above all, it’s connection in the essence of realized growth.

    I find this a great place to socialize, but in essence, friendship is unplugged and connected in time and space with that person you chose to embrace. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

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