Our story won’t end

An alluring Joy, I always casually tell my wishes
And give you looks that a thousand words wouldn’t be able to describe
In this Chaotic world, there will always be people who are busy looking for treasure
But they mistake the blazing sun for it
And miss out on the manifestations of life.
On the long bridge of this Chaotic city
There’s sea of people and cars going on their way in that crowdy road
Your smile is like a ray of joy that suddenly light me up
Bikes ring on the green way
So, this is what love look like..
I want to travel to all four corners (of the earth) with you to enjoy the joy in all kinds of chaos..
I want to spend the remaining chapter of life with you
Sharing the joyfulness and tears with you freely no matter what the circumstances
Our story won’t end

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(So, this is what LOVE look like)


Author: meera Daesil


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