What if??

If the world did not have you, if answers had no questions,
If there were eyes, but no scenery?
If fate had really and truly not arranged and planned for us to meet,
Then perhaps our palms lines of divination would not permit our roads to meet.
A heartfelt gathering of just the two of us, in a vast sky full of stars.
A love no mortal can comprehend, a mystery only known to heaven.
Always beneath the surface, clearly fated emotions are in orbit.
The big dipper has turned and the stars have moved because of you.
This fate is calculated then to the ultimate degree.
This love is destined to be.
Every frown and smile, every word and action are in a dream.
All of them sad and happy, intoxicated and sober, growing and multiplying without end.
Beautiful and incomparable.

Comment 📩your own thoughts❓on what “if”..????..

Author: meera Daesil


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