Time will never lie about our yesterdays

In the blink of an eye, how many green leaves have turned golden yellow?
Which seasons is more unforgettable?
In retrospection that constantly flickers and constantly loops
Like a swing my thoughts sway back and forth
Whose sadness did the wind raise?
Whose eyes did the rain fall upon?
Whose expections did the blooms heighten?
Though my heart is bleak, happiness also grows within it.
All this year’s time will never lie.
The elapsed youth is stored in my memory.
Even if love will become old,
It is Still worth treasuring.
No matter how far I will tread, I will always keep it close.
Time will never lie about whatever we missed.
The passing years are like water that converges into an ocean.
In your sudden recollection, I hope you still remember our yesterdays.

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Author: meera Daesil


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