Life comes and goes

Unwilling to take part in something improper, how could I predict things would turn out against my wishes?
The flower in the centre of my heart as withered, time cannot turn itself back
My memories are whirling and twirling, the pain is only in the depths of my heart.
My only wish to live without regrets, and fly far away with the flowers fragrance.
A bottle of wine, a body covered in dust and ashes
Memories go back and forth, a life without regrets
From spring to autumn, life comes and goes. Is it right to be vain?
I’m waiting for the flowers to return and bloom again, intoxicating me
Sincerely hoping that my lifespan no longer withering away.
In my memories life comes and goes, I realise clearly in my heart

Is it right to be vain?

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Author: meera Daesil

24 thoughts on “Life comes and goes”

  1. I feel this way quite often, if I’m understanding correctly. Like the older I get, the more difficult it is to be carefree and to love unconditionally. Too much has happened in the past, so I’m always on guard.

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  2. A poem about living. Too many people spend their life dieing. Vanity kills! It does so because it focuses on the part of self that prevents you to love yourself unconditionally.

    Once we begin to love ourselves unconditionally nothing else matters.

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  3. Beautifully sour words. I can totally rely. 🌹

    While everything is so vain, the question is “is it right to be?”. My philosophy follows a very different path to answer it in a sane way. Life’s absurd, it happens, you enjoy it or not -sometimes- depends on you, but if you are taken away in self-awareness, just some stupid-simple-beautiful thing can explode you out of it, called maybe love. It is right to be vain, but it’s quite inappropriate feeling vain; one should manage his/her imperfections in a way to be fruitful.

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