Dream for imprisonment

My fragile heart brooded and hope of dreaming for a spiritualist,
But the dream was indeed very appalling.
I was strained and impenetrable to see those dream.
And then my gleaming heart flared up and made my dream extreme phenomenon.
My first journey was near a rivulets that connected with high mountains where my memories were flourished and sheer.
But when sometimes thinks of those memories it keeps Pristine, gives serenely mind and it replete my face with an enchanting joy.
Suddenly awakened from the dream and started to think that..
Love has no other desire but to fullfill itself.
Love makes you selfishly impatient.
Love makes to create misunderstanding and to feel jealous.
Love keeps you like a flowing Brooke that sings it’s melody to your heart..
But actually it’s your imagination and all these things shall remain until you breathe.
Love is soft and can easily be damaged..
Into these earthling World Love shall make you laugh, but not all of your laughter, and weep but not all of your tears..
Love knock your heart with a bright and smiling face but when it get fed up it will abandon with a saddest heart and makes you to go crazy and to wander unknowingly in an unknowing places.
Love is sufficient unto love.
Yet, yearning for a dream to imprisoned me forever.