At confused time,

You want to find happiness and be carefree.

Once you have make your promise, don’t turn back.

At the end of the fantasy is the original promises mutual understanding.

The fearless ones, the cute ones, none held back.

I want to use all aspects of love to prove it to you.

Because I want to pursue sincere inspiration to love you.

Nobody wants to endure the past pains

But it allows me to cheer loudly after victory.

Just like this, break through the waves.

Β© Meeradaesil

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Hearing the sound of a flower blooming by myself,

Wouldn’t it be better to share it together? It’s seems like,

I have to pretend to invite you inadvertently.

My heartbeat signalling out to you

Putting you in my little island

Spend the day with me as we grow old.

Your mouths smile radian is too high

You don’t understand..

The sentence which makes people want to cry the most is… Don’t cry!

Β© Meeradaesil

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I CAN and I WILL..

A blazing light shines on my shoulder

A boiling heart fills my chest.

The rhythm of my breathing matches my steps.

I’ve never been panicked.

Even I can’t see the end.

Even a lot of people fall and get hurt.

Before I become exhausted, let me enjoy this light.

Shinning on my path

No longer afraid of the desolation of the night.

I’m growing the wings to fly.

My youth doesn’t live for love.

I only want to fight for my dreams.

There’s no way to my leaping steps

Thank you for cheering me

My dreams are not that heavy.

I only want to inspire myself.

What I have missed is the thing of the past

So, I’ll let them cheer for me from behind.

Β© Meeradaesil

What’s your dream?

Live for LOVE or to fight for your DREAM



LOVE FIERCELY. because this all ENDS..

There’s wind when he turns

The powerful demeanor, shaking the floor with his fearless face.

Not afraid, persisting regardless of the brave wind or rain

The bullet broke through the air

Shooting across the roof, waking me up from my dream

Only then I realised how important dreams are

Both life and love will come to an end

Everything comes and goes

We’re of the same trade, but of different beliefs

Our paths will not meet again

Who said heroes are invincible?

During troubled times, the truth is worthless

How many would be generous? how many would be brave?

Young hero’s live exceptionally for half their lives

The colour of blood has been deeply stained in their hearts

Love and hate will begin and come to an end.

Β© Meeradaesil

Have you ever changed yourself to make someone love you?




Still waiting, for news to be picked up like flying sand,

Flourishing and falling like a burden from the other side of the world

Seeing you silhouette, suffering and drowning in the dark.

Memories raise of mistakes, being unable to hold onto your hand.

Still as many times as I try to separate, to not openly mistake,

Being afraid I will entirely doubt myself.

Don’t tell me that feelings engraved in one’s heart and carved in one’s bones

Are not real and true

Still how many words I have spoken haven’t explained,

I want to give you so many more experiences and things replaced.

No matter how I act, no matter how many mistakes I make,

All along, I have not departed and gone over,

I’m truly waiting for you

Having never forgotten you, being dedicated to you.

Possessing feeling engraved in one’s heart and carved in one’s bones

All are real true.

Many thoughts I should untie love with you being truly desolate

Waiting to know why don’t I break free, demanding I bravely, quickly overcome

I’m truly moved..

Β© Meeradaesil
Is it worth waiting for someone you love?




I’m reluctant to fall asleep

I want to glance at you once more

The uncertainty of everyday,

I’m anxious to let you face it alone

I’m never afraid of exhaustion

Just scared of you being wronged and crying

How many test are there along the way

Two people leaping over together

Fearless tomorrow, invincible beliefs

As long as you’re by my side.

who cares if it’s cloudy or rainy?

Love can defeat any dangers

Fearless tomorrow

I will stay with you until the end of the world

Even if can’t change the world

But don’t let the world change you

The most sincere eyes

Combating tomorrow with both hands

Two people going on advantures

Fearless tomorrow

Fearless flying forward..

Β© Meeradaesil

What is LOVE?




Time, do not leave

Allow me to be vulnerable for just one minute

How long do I need before I grow used to being let go

My mug is empty, but it’s warmth

Still remains in my hand

Nobody can leave

That is a type of luxury

But I just want to tightly hold your hand

I would rather wait than to miss out

On the moment when you smile at me

I’m still willing to give my best efforts just for the sake of the future

Even if life is not gentle

Even if I’m refuted by happiness once again

I want to believe all my wounds are just there to polish me

So that your face would light up at the sight of me

Β© Meeradaesil

What is the most vulnerable way you let someone into your life?